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Institutes and departments

School of English and American Studies (coordinator)
Department of American Studies
Department of English Studies
Department of English Applied Linguistics
Department of English Linguistics
Department of English Language Pedagogy

Institute of Philosophy
Department of General Philosophy
HAS-ELTE Department of Theoretical Linguistics
Department of Logic
Department of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Department of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

Institute of Germanic Studies
Department of Netherlandic Studies
Department of German Linguistics
Department of German Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching
Department of German Literature
Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures
Center for German Minority Studies

Institute of Ancient and Classical Studies
Department of Assyriology and Hebrew Studies
Department of Egyptology
Greek Department
Latin Department
Modern Greek Work Group

Institute of Oriental Studies
Department of Indian Studies
Department of Iranian Studies
Department of Semitic and Arabic Studies
Department of Turkic Studies

Institute of Far Eastern Studies
Department of Inner-Asian Studies
Department of Chinese Studies
Department of Korean Studies
Department of Japanese Studies

Institute of Archaeological Sciences
Department of Archaeometry and Archaeological Methodology
Department of Hungarian Medieval and Early Modern Archaeology
Department of Classical and Roman Provincial Archaeology
Department of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology

Institute of Informatics and Library Science
Department of Library and Information Science
Department of Informatics
Department of General and Applied Linguistics
Center for Informatics and Education Technology

Institute of Romance Studies
Department of French Language and Literature (coordinator)
Department of Italian Language and Literature
Department of Portuguese Language and Literature
Department of Romanian Philology
Department of Spanish Language and Literature

Institute of Hungarian Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies
Deparment of Finno-Ugric Studies
Department of Phonetics
Department of Hungarian Historical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Dialectology
Department of Modern Hungarian Linguistics
Department of Hungarian as a Foreign Language (coordinator)

Institute of Hungarian Literature and Cultural Studies
Department of Modern Hungarian Literature
Department of Comparative Literary Studies
Department of Early Hungarian Literature
Department of Classical Hungarian Literature
Teacher Training Workgroup

Institute of Historical Studies

Atelier, Department for European Historiography and Social Sciences
Department of Economic and Social History
Department of East European History
Department of Medieval and Early Modern History
Department of Medieval and Early Modern Hungarian History
Department of Cultural History
Department of Ancient History
Department for the Auxiliary Sciences of History
Department of Russian History and Culture
Department of Modern and Contemporary History
Department of Modern and Contemporary Hungarian History

Institute of Slavonic and Baltic Philology

Department of Polish Studies
Department of Russian Language and Literature
Department of Slavonic Studies
Department of Ukrainian Studies

Institute of Ethnography and Folklore

Deparment of Folklore
Department of Material Ethnography

Institute for the Theory of Art and Media Studies

Department of Esthetics
Department of Film Studies
Department of Media and Communication
Film and Media Laboratory

Institute of Art History

Unit of Professional Studies (coordinator)

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