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Pre-University - Entrance Requirements

If you are looking to study in Hungary or beyond Hungary in Europe, but have not yet acquired the necessary academic and linguistic competence, the pre-university programmes are here for you! These programmes have been specially designed for non-native speakers, and the admissions requirements reflect this.

Admissions to the Faculty of Humanities are considered on holistic basis. The Faculty's admissions officers consider the whole applicant, not just empirical data like a GPA or SAT scores. We are not simply looking for students with good grades, but want to admit students who will contribute to the campus community in meaningful ways.

The information below reflects what we are generally looking for in pre-university applicants.

Documents to submit with your application

1. relevant pages of the passport
scanned, in color all personal details and expiry date must be shown

2. fully completed application online

only fully completed applications will be accepted through apply.elte.hu
3. a CV in English 
in MS Word format with one low resolution photo
4. an official copy of your completed secondary education or highest degree you hold
notarized copy only on request
5. attestation of English classes successfully completed
no official language exam is required, see program-specific requirements
8. bank slip or transfer receipt
showing that the application fee has been transferred to the University’s bank account

Additional documents for non-EEA applicants:

1. officially certified bank account statement

showing the cash flow of the past 12 months
2. copy of Residence Permit
if the applicant is staying in Hungary with a Residence Permit
3. copy of entry visa into the Schengen Zone
if the applicant has entered Hungary on a Schengen zone visa

Additional document for non-contracted partners (if no Agency Agreement has been signed):

Letter of Authorization (download file) if the applicant uses the services of a non-contracted third party during the application process, a Letter of Authorization must be signed. Applications will not be processed without. 

Optional documents:

Letter of Reference
from a former instructor

Secondary school qualification (high school)

Please review the file below to find out what secondary school qualification are generally accepted:
> Country-specific information

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