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Bachelor of Arts (BA) Programs for International Students

The Faculty of Humanities of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE BTK) invites international applicants to apply to its foreign-language, full-time, tuition-based disciplinary Bachelor’s Programs for the Academic Year 2017/2018, starting in September 2017.

Before you apply ...

Please note that only the programs listed below are available for international students. All the other programs under the "BA Programs" section are offered in Hungarian only.


BA in Hungarian Language and Literature (for international students)

BA in English or American Studies

Programme brochure  | English track  | American track

BA in Germanic Studies

Germanic Studies (German)  | German as Minority Language and Literature  | 

BA in Romance Studies

BA in French Language and Literature (Study Unit List)  | BA in Portuguese Language and Literature (Study Unit List)  | BA in Italian Language and Literature (Study Unit List)  | BA in Spanish Language and Literature (Study Unit List)

BA Minor in Film Studies

Course description and unit list


Tuition conditions

bachelor level

6 semesters / 3 years

ECTS credits

Start of programmes
September 2017

End of programmes

15 July 2019

Trefort Campus (Astoria), Budapest

Tuition fee
1500 EUR per semester

Application fee
150 EUR (one-off, nonrefundable)

What is a Study Unit List and how to read it?

Understanding the Study Unit List might be challenging at first. It contains all the obligatory and elective courses you will have to take to be awarded a BA degree.

The Study Unit List contains bundles of information for an ideal BA student. The following is a real-life example, taken from a Study Unit List, with explanation of the various fields.










Hangtani alapozó

Foundations of Phonology







1 – code (always use this code when searching for a course)

2 – name of study unit: Hangtani alalpozó (Foundations of Phonology)

3 – semester when offered and ideally taken (this course you should ideally take in the 2nd semester)

4 – K: lecture (‘kollokvium’ in Hungarian; the opposite is G ‘gyakorlat’ (seminar/practical class)). Lectures given by SEAS end in an odd number (before the decimal): e.g. ANG‑317 and AME-311.28 are both lectures. Seminars end in an even number (before the decimal), so ANG-242 and AME-322.17 are both seminars.

5 – k: obligatory (‘kötelező’ in Hungarian; the opposite is v ‘választható’ (elective))

6 – hours/semester: 15 hours/semester = 45 mins/week

(you may find the following useful as well: 30 = 90 mins/week, 45 = 135 mins/week, 60 = 180 mins/week)

7 – credits (this particular study unit is worth 2 credits)

8 – prerequisites: in (brackets) = weak prerequisite, no brackets = strong prerequisite

NB: weak prerequisite = the course and its prerequisite may be taken in the same semester (the above course, for example, may be taken in the same semester with FLN11-101). If the prerequisite is failed, the course for which it is a prerequisite will be also be failed and the grade deleted by the Registrar

strong prerequisite = the prerequisite must be successfully completed in one of the previous semesters, i.e. prior to taking the course for which it is a prerequisite

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